Jahrgang, Erster. Mozart-Jahrbuch 1923. Würzburg : „Journalfranz” Arnulf Liebing, oHG., 1923.

  • All articles in German
  • Condensed scores to mentioned movements of works – listed after the article
  • Sample articles:
    • Interpretations of the Magic Flute
    • Adagio for English Horn
  • No ads

Gehmacher, Friedrich. Mozart-Jahrbuch 1976/77. Basel, Tours, London: Bärenreiter Kassel, 1978.

  • English and German articles
  • Musical examples scattered throughout article as mentioned
  • Charts explaining analyses of works
  • Actual copies of Mozart’s handwritten music scores and letters
  • Sample articles:
    • Who was the Librettist of „La Finta Giardiniera”?
    • A.W. Zuccalmaglios working on Mozart operas
    • On the Authenticity of K. Anh. C 14.01 (297b), a Symphonia Concertante for Four Winds and Orchestra
    • Requiem letters. From the correspondence Joh. Anton Andrés 1825-1831
    • A contribution to history with Mozart
    • Some unsettled questions for the history of the Requiem completion
    • Mozart, Schüler and Bekannte – in a Viennese music report from 1808
    • Ads located in the back of the book