• Lofi Girl

    Lofi Girl

    I love this music! I learned about it from a TikTok live, and now it’s what I put on as soon as my workday starts. My kiddo even used it to fall asleep last night.

  • Dune


    This movie was amazing! Watched on HBO. I’m pretty familiar with the story, but I greatly appreciated subtitles.

  • Beautiful


    You’ve got to get up every morningWith a smile on your faceAnd show the world all the love in your heartThen people gonna treat you betterYou’re gonna find, yes you willThat you’re beautiful, as you feel Carole King

  • Foundation

    This show and its music are amazing!!

  • The Office (UK)

    The Office (UK)

    I absolutely cannot listen to the opening music. The piano is so out of tune on the high notes that it makes me cringe. There. I said it.

  • Picard


    What a beautiful main theme!