• Overkill

    I can’t get to sleepI think about the implicationOf diving in too deepAnd possibly the complications Especially at nightI worry over situationsI know will be alrightPerhaps it’s just imagination Day after day it reappearsNight after night my heartbeat shows the fearGhosts appear and fade away Alone between the sheetsOnly brings exasperationIt’s time to walk the……

  • Lofi Girl

    Lofi Girl

    I love this music! I learned about it from a TikTok live, and now it’s what I put on as soon as my workday starts. My kiddo even used it to fall asleep last night.

  • Dune


    This movie was amazing! Watched on HBO. I’m pretty familiar with the story, but I greatly appreciated subtitles.

  • Beautiful


    You’ve got to get up every morningWith a smile on your faceAnd show the world all the love in your heartThen people gonna treat you betterYou’re gonna find, yes you willThat you’re beautiful, as you feel Carole King

  • Foundation

    This show and its music are amazing!!

  • The Office (UK)

    The Office (UK)

    I absolutely cannot listen to the opening music. The piano is so out of tune on the high notes that it makes me cringe. There. I said it.