• Ring pop?

    Ring pop?

    Kiddo: mommy, can I have a ring pop? Me: no, not this late at night. Kiddo: fine, then you can’t buy me roller skates tomorrow. Me: works for me. Kiddo: (audible huff) Either they don’t understand how this works, or they’re training to be a master of reverse psychology.

  • Just heard Kiddo giggling in their sleep. Adorable level = 1000.

  • Kiddo’s first words of wisdom

    “People shouldn’t be mean. Only monsters be mean.”

  • Kiddo just told Mat, “it’s 50:18: time to go see Santa.” Can’t argue with that.

  • Kiddo now says, “pretty please with sugar on top”, which is absolutely adorable. Right now however, it sounds like “pretty please my sugar top!!!” and is said almost as a scream.

  • So I went to start up Beauty and the Beast for Kiddo, and they picked The Big Lebowski instead. I’m sure Mat is very proud.