• Things Queer Culture Teaches That Straight Culture Doesn’t

  • New Year

    New Year

    This year, 2023, will not be about making any major resolutions, I’m not vowing to accomplish something big, I’m not looking to prove anything to anyone.

  • Boundaries


    Boundaries will feel mean when you’ve spent your whole life over-giving.

  • Getting healthy

    I get prompts every day at 10am to write in my blog. I’m never sure what to write, so I haven’t been. However, I do want to journal and start being better about putting my feelings and activities into words, so here goes… I’ve started a health program. This is not something I would normally……

  • Vision Update

    It’s been 3 years, to the month (April 2018), that I started losing vision in my right eye (after losing vision in my left eye). I had migraines like I’d never had before, optometrists gave me steroid drops and told me to cut back on computer work, and I was given no answers as to……

  • My 2018

    My 2018… wasn’t so great. I didn’t talk about it very much on social media, so apologies if this is surprising to some of you. I lost my sight, barely avoided a diagnosis of MS or brain tumor and instead was told I have atypical optic neuritis. On top of that, kiddo was in the……