Category: Romanticism

  • The Three Shades

    In the Inferno Dante describes three shades, souls of his departed countrymen, who danced in a circle as they told of their woeful state in Hades. Rodin’s The Three Shades stood upon the uppermost lintel of The Gates of Hell, crowning the tympanum just above The Thinker. The downward thrust of their left arms and their heads conveys despair as […]

  • Visual Art

    Neoclassicism was still popular Challenging calm & order with drama & emotion Romanticists felt confined by Neoclassicism Rebelled against established rules of painting in their search for more artistic freedom New Importance to: Sentimentality about the past Reflecting on the wonder of nature Using the imagination gained new importance New Subjects: Exotic, faraway places Primitive […]

  • Wagner

    Video presentation on Richard Wagner. Be sure to answer the questions below the video.

  • Tchaikovsky

    Video presentation on Pyotr Ilich Tchaikovsvky. Be sure to answer the questionnaire below the video.

  • Drama & Theater

    Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832) Faust (Part 1, 1808; Part 2, 1831) Faustus legend Originated in Middle Ages Tragic tale Man sells soul to devil in exchange for 24 years of knowing, doing, having anything wished Very different from earlier versions Deal struck between Faust & Mephistopheles: devil only wins if he quenches Faust’s desire […]

  • Dance

    “The Golden Age of Ballet” Escape from reality for the common man of Europe Women became stars of the ballet Stories of: Fairy tales, romantic love, ghostly creatures falling in love with mortal men, dead maidens rising from the grave Female spirits = white tutus, fairy wings, dancing on tiptoe (illusion of floating) sur les […]

  • Romanticism (1760–1870)

    Artists revolted against Neoclassical order and reason. They returned to the beauty of nature. Freedom, emotion, sentimentality, and spontaneity were prized over logic and reason. They used their imagination to create works about exotic, patriotic, primitive, and supernatural subjects. [wpfilebase tag=file id=11 /]