The 12 Houses

  1. your appearance, image, self-identity, how you come across to others
  2. cash, property, possessions, values (including how you value yourself)
  3. communication, siblings, neighbors, quick trips, early learning, education
  4. home, family, all things domestic, where you belong, your past
  5. romance, creativity, kids (your own or someone else’s), pursuit of pleasure, love affairs
  6. daily routines (including work), health, duty
  7. lovers, spouse, ex, open enemies, any sort of partner (including business), cooperation, competition
  8. joint finances, credit cards, debt, sex, anything considered taboo, inheritance, transformation
  9. study, travel, Great Cosmic Quest, internet, higher learning, religion, spirituality, dreams
  10. career, ambitions, how you make your mark on the world, reputation
  11. friends, networks, social circles, hopes, wishes
  12. deepest, darkest, most sensitive part of your chart; fears, spirituality, self-undoing, withdrawal, secret or hidden enemies