Random Thoughts about Growing Up

Random thoughts this evening about growing up: In your twenties, you finish college, move out, get married, have kids, buy a house, rent your first place, get a real job…. any one of these happens, or all of them, or none. Point is, the 20-29 year range is when we as human beings start to think we’ve got things under control and want to make our own way. So, we make major life decisions.

In our thirties, we pay for all those “major life decisions” that turned out to be terrible, awful choices (credit cards, timeshares that went out of business, those months wasted trying to sell Cutco and vacuum cleaners and cleaning products, not to mention those more serious decisions we all know we made and don’t want to mention).

This stands to reason, being in your forties is going to rock, right? All this crap will be sorted out, life lessons experienced and learned AND corrected…. right? RIGHT?? 😉

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