My love

My husband is genuinely himself, more so than anyone I’ve known. He doesn’t hold back. He’s opened up to me more than anyone I’ve ever been with. Sometimes I feel unworthy of that and have to tell myself that I am. Of all people, he’s choosing to be with me. He wakes up and chooses that every day. A few days ago he said he’d never leave me. He’d have to be pulled away from me kicking and screaming and even then he’d fight to stay with me. I’ve never had someone love me like this before. Sometimes I question if this is real. I have to remind myself.

I’ve never loved someone this much before. He feels closer to me than my own skin. I have always felt like my whole life led up to meeting him, all the heartache and pain, all the moves around the country, all the weird twists and turns in my career. And it has all been worth it. I have found the part of me that was missing. Being so close to someone, especially him, makes for an amazingly intimate relationship. Having someone know me so completely is a unique and priceless thing. I’ve been able to say anything to him. He’s never afraid to meet me where I am. To feel truly seen and to truly see someone else, that’s a really amazing and unique thing. At the same time, I’ve never been so vulnerable and exposed with someone else, I’ve never felt so completely powerful and powerless all at the same time. I can’t hide anything from him, and I don’t want to.

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