Blue Moon

Blue Moon refers to when a Full Moon appears for the second time in the same calendar month. This Blue Moon happens to fall on Wednesday, the day of Mercury . . . during Mercury ret-rograde. While Mercury retrograde does not lend itself well to important new conversations, it provides ample opportunities to revisit unresolved situations and explore them from new perspectives.

It also gives us time to look back on what we might have done differently. While there is an adage that you regret the things you don’t do, the reality is that there are, for all of us, things we have done, said, and tried that we wish we had not. So take an inventory of what you regret, especially looking over what you regret that impacted another person. Can you make amends? If you no longer have contact with someone you impacted, can you make amends in a different way? This exercise is not to answer karmic imbalance but to answer the feeling of regret and understand it only act from emotional alignment.

-Diana Rachel

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