• Waning

    Waning, from Full Moon to New Moon, is a time for study, meditation, and magical work designed to banish harmful energies.

  • Waxing

    Waxing, from New Moon to Full Moon, is the ideal time to do magic to draw things to you.

  • Blue Moon

    Blue Moon

    Blue Moon refers to when a Full Moon appears for the second time in the same calendar month. This Blue Moon happens to fall on Wednesday, the day of Mercury . . . during Mercury ret-rograde. While Mercury retrograde does not lend itself well to important new conversations, it provides ample opportunities to revisit unresolved……

  • Balsamic Moon

    healingsoothingsurrender Begins: 10.5 days after Full Moon, continues to beginning of New Moon What to do: Balsam means “anything healing or soothing.” Seek healing. Ask yourself:

  • Third Quarter Moon

    re-evaluatebalancetrust Begins: 7-10.5 days after Full Moon What to do: Can feel awkward, that’s ok. Accept it.Time to reorientate ourselves Ask yourself:

  • Disseminating Moon

    relaxacceptregroup Begins: 3.5-7 days after Full Moon What to do: B-r-e-a-t-h-eAccept and go with the flow Ask yourself: