Wind Moon

Names: Pink Moon, Wind Moon

The Full Moon of April is the Pink Moon, named for the wildflower blossoms first appearing in the Northern Hemisphere, and occurs on a Thursday, the day of Jupiter. The cycle heralds the opportunity for plenty of prospects to blossom. While for some the brightness brings hope, it also brings hope’s shadows: despair and disappointment. Take a moment, under the illumination of the Full Moon, to examine what disappoints you. Look at the hopes that failed, or those that left you feeling betrayed. Sort out the let-downs that belong to you and those that don’t if you are disappointed by someone being themselves, spend time releasing that. If someone has disappointed you with their reaction to you being yourself, examine the relationship and see if you need to carry it on or if you should also let that go. Where can you express disappointment in a healthy way? Do you have an oppor tunity to do something over, or do you need to direct your energy to a different endeavor? Write a few notes about those feelings in your datebook.

Diana Rachel

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