Strong Sun Moon

Names: Strawberry Moon, Rose Moon, Strong Sun Moon

Colors: orange, yellow, purple

Magick: abundance, love, prosperity

The Algonquin named this moon for the sweet-smelling strawberry harvest that comes with this Season. Follow their example, gathering all the honeyed moments that you can and appreciating them for what they are.


Indulge in the finer things during this moon, not only the physical, but the emotional and spiritual as well. Take time to be sweet to yourself and those around you, while remaining true to your intentions.

The Strawberry Moon is a time when people gather the first fruits of summer. This combination tells of a certain harsh quality Saturn’s energy often brings about tough lessons and tests of character. If you have ever tried to pick strawberries in bulk, you may know a bit about harsh lessons and planning ahead. Crouching low to the ground, fighting off early mosquitoes, and the wear and tear on the knees may make you question whether the rewards of your labor merit the effort. When obstacles beset you or projects turn out differently from what you wanted, how do you handle that? Choose a frustrating situation in your life. Listen to that feeling. Why do you feel limited? Are you relying on another person’s understanding or behavior? Do you need a shift in per-spective? What elements do you have direct control over? Then, ask that frustration what it needs for relief–whether to make other plans, change your approach, or communicate better about what needs doing.

Diana Rajchel