Mourning Moon

Names: Beaver Moon, Frost Moon

Colors: orange, blue, green, silver

Magick: shadow work, healing, protection

The Beaver Moon, a time in North America when hunters observed the beavers taking shelter for the winter, falls on Monday, the day of the Moon. Given the proximity to the holidays, this time of taking shelter also, for many, means a time of stress, forced jollity, and setting emotions aside for the good of social situations. Yet the cold seeps in, and with it, the desire to take shelter, rest, and nurse old wounds. Find some time to wrap yourself in a blanket-or lay under a weighted blanket-and identify your wounds. What old stories still hurt you? What current situations also leave you feeling hurt and rejected? You do not need to act on them or resolve them, or even advocate at this time. Use a spot in your datebook to make notes of those old hurts. Do not judge yourself, but acknowledge the wounds so that when you must go into those socially pressured situations, you are aware that they are there. How can you show those wounds some love?

Diana Rajchel