Long Nights Moon

Names: Cold Moon, Long Nights Moon

Colors: green, black, red, gold, silver

Magick: peace, strength, renewal

December’s Moon is also sometimes called the Cold Moon, a time in North America when the temperatures drop and the nights grow long, and this one falls on Tuesday, the day of Mars. The cold of the Moon and the heat of Mars may call for a time of internal extremes and indecision: you may feel one way very strongly about a certain thing but then also feel with just as much strength the opposite. When ambivalence happens, it usually comes about because of emotions hiding somewhere in the in-between. Are you afraid of missing out? Is there an aspect that you find repulsive, but you feel shame at expressing that disgust? Do you want to please everyone and feel guilty about pleasing yourself? Take a close look at the subject of choice causing you to swing on that pendulum: What is it really about? Assess the possible costs to making a final decision. What are you will ing to experience, and how much is fear of the unknown influencing the back-and-forth swing? Make sure you listen to your own voice first.

Diana Rajchel