Harvest Moon

Names: Harvest Moon, Barley Moon

Colors: red, brown, dark orange

Magick: balance, household

The lore of the Harvest Moon refers to the time in North America when farmers reap the grains of the field. In European folklore, this also meant a complicated time for the crop spirit, which sometimes resented the harvesting because that meant sacrificing its very life. Yet the sacrifice in and of itself represented a deep act of love-giving the body of the crop so that the people who raised and tended it could survive the winter and then plant the children of the original crop in the spring. Sacrifice comes with complex grief, a love for the self even as we give up a piece of ourselves for the good of our children, our partners, our family, or our country. Take this time to look at the grief behind sacrifices and permit yourself to feel that self-love. Listen to the grief and find a healthy way to express the love behind it.

Diana Rajchel