Flower Moon

Names: Flower Moon, Planting Moon

Colors: pink, green, red, brown

Magick: love, well-being, enchantment

The Flower Moon basically begs you to take a moment to smell the roses. Enjoy the sweet smell of spring, and bask in the glory of mother nature’s lushness. Remind yourself of the beauty of rebirth, growth, and life.


Take a moment to consider your personal growth as you experience the growth of nature around you. This moon reminds us to take notice in the beauty of the little things, both internal and natural.

The Flower Moon speaks to the blooms that begin to appear at this time of year in the Northern Hemisphere. The combination of Venus’s loving energy and the blossoming of flowers signals a day of ecstatic joy the headi-ness of plant fragrance, the relief of the disappearing cold season, and the joy of color appearing everywhere. Yet often in our daily lives, we defer joy.

The self-examination for this month: What causes you to hold back on happiness? What does deferring joy get you? This month do not decide “I’ll be happy when …” Look underneath what gives you satisfaction for hidden shame and guilt. Challenge those underlying feelings and work to understand why you have them and why they hold you back from delight. Answer these shadows by picking small victories even something like getting all your laundry done and celebrate them. Put on some music you love, and dance if so inclined. Ring a bell. Light a scented candle and take pleasure in the little victories.

Diana Rajchel