Corn Moon

Names: Sturgeon Moon, Grain Moon, Corn Moon

Colors: brown, dark green, orange

Magick: abundance, gratitude, wisdom

Think of the lakes filling with the abundant sturgeon population for which Native Americans named this moon. This is a chance for you, too, to experience and bring abundance to your life. Reel in opportunities and prosperity.


Believe that you are worthy of the myriad of opportunities surrounding you. Once you do, more will come.

The first Full Moon in August is named for the ease of catching fish in the Great Lakes, the Sturgeon Moon speaks to our motivations, our goals, and the feelings that led us to those ambitions. This speaks to a day of pursuing our needs and desires with determination. Examine your goals or why you chose not to set them. Look at the emotion behind each goal (or behind dropping them). What emotion or group of emotions led you down this path? The self-examination may dredge up uncomfortable motions: inadequacy, lust, fear, guilt, and shame often hide in our depths. Take time to hear each one and answer it. Does that feeling belong there? If it doesn’t, how did it get there? Converse with the emotion, hear it, answer it, and allow it to breathe and go. The result of this may change your goals. You may also tweak the ones you have, because change occurs when you understand why you had them.

Diana Rajchel