Blood Moon

Names: Hunters Moon, Blood Moon

Colors: black, orange, purple

Magick: ancestry, divination, banishing

The Hunters Moon is when hunting season begins in much of North America. This convergence of energy speaks to lust–a bundle of emotions and drives that, while often pleasurable, can also cause us to veer off course when mismatched with what motivates those closest to us. It can manifest not only as sexual desire but as lust for result. Lust for result happens when you become too eager to see if a goal or work has manifested, and you lose sight of who your desire may impact. Just as a lover loses interest when pursued too avidly, you can also lose what you seek to manifest. Examine what inspires your lust. Where can you move closer? Where do you need to give yourself and your desired breathing room? Allow your body to speak to you, but don’t let it make your decisions- allow it to show you the emotion lying underneath the lust. Often, it’s something much more complicated than the primal “want” hidden in the layers.

Diana Rajchel