Blessing Moon

Names: Buck Moon, Thunder Moon, Blessing Moon

Colors: yellow, green, orange

Magick: dream work, strength, light work

The Buck Moon allows us to see the strength in growth, as the deer around us regrow their antlers. Notice the ways in which you, too, are growing up during this season, activating your full potential in all aspects of your life.


Allow yourself to lean into the uncertainty and fear that comes with growing. You’ll be grateful once you have your antlers.

The Buck Moon refers to the regrowth of antlers on a deer. Often that new growth happened because of a prior loss (antlers or otherwise). What was something that you took pride and pleasure in that has disappeared from your life? Examine those moments of loss, anticipated or not, that did allow for new growth. Did you have to relocate suddenly, or did you graduate from school and now you need to seek out a whole new world for yourself? Did you work with a volunteer organization that fulfilled its purpose and then dissolved? Did a friendship end that (while grieved) turned out to be something holding you back from cultivating your authenticity? Loss does not always come with new growth, but in these cases where it did, how have you seen that reflected in your life? Acknowledge that loss and how it changed your sense of self.

Diana Rajchel