Sunshine Power Candle Dressing

This candle dressing harnesses the power of the Sun and is best used on a yellow or orange candle. This recipe can be included in spells for success, in-spiration, and growth of all kinds. It can also be put on a candle and burned in a space that simply needs a boost of joy.

For anointing, you’ll need 1 drop sunflower oil and 1 drop cedar oil. Dry ingredients include 1 tsp. dried crushed sunflower petals, 1 tsp. hot chili powder, and 1 tsp. dried marigold or calendula petals.

Combine the dry materials in a bowl or on a plate. Use an orange or yellow marker to draw a picture of the Sun on a piece of paper. If you like, you can add words of affirmation to the drawing that align with your goals. Place the paper outdoors or in a window where it will be in direct sunlight for an hour or more. Put the bowl of plant mixture in the center of the Sun drawing and let the warm rays empower them with solar energy.

-Kate Freuler

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