Strength and Hope Candle Dressing

Evergreens of all kinds are brought indoors for decoration during the winter months because they are symbols of hope and a reminder that growth will prevail. Trees like pine, cedar, and spruce stand strong and sturdy even in the harshest climates, displaying resilience and an amazing ability to thrive in the face of adversity. This candle dressing can be incorporated into winter rituals or used on its own in spells for strength and endurance during difficult times. You might be able to find all the plant materials of this recipe in vour own area.

You will need 1 drop pine oil and 1 drop peppermint oil for anoint-ing. Mix 1 tsp. dried pine needles, 1 tsp. dried cedar leaves, and 1 tsp. dried crushed pinecone pieces.

As you mix the dried plants, focus on the resilient toughness of a giant pine tree standing tall and strong despite all that works against it. Imagine yourself possessing the same majestic qualities. Anoint and dress a white, red, or green candle.

-Kate Freuler

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