Intuitive Guidance Candle Dressing

Often in life we find ourselves in situations where it’s difficult to separate a gut feeling from facts. Life is full of contradictions, and sometimes it can be impossible to know which way to turn, which course of action to take, or what is really right for you. This candle dressing can be used whenever you’re facing a hard choice or when outside opinions are at odds with your inner feelings.

For anointing, use 1 drop sandalwood oil, 1 drop lavender oil, and 1 drop frankincense oil. You will also need 1 tsp. dried crushed mugwort, 1 tsp. dried crushed eyebright, and 1 pinch powdered nutmeg.

Draw an X shape on a piece of paper to symbolize the many choices you’re facing. Anoint and dress a light purple or light blue candle. Secure it safely in a holder and set it on the intersecting lines of the X. Light the candle when you’re asking for guidance or allow it to burn safely throughout your day. The answer will reveal itself.

-Kate Freuler

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