Grounding Candle Dressing

This candle dresing is meant to be used when casting grounding spells, while decompressing after a challenging day, or when you are struggling to keep your mind firmly planted in reality. The dried plant ingredients are best found in your own backyard or park because they’re directly connected to the earth spirits where you live, which makes their energy more immediate and accessible.

For anointing, use 3 drops patchouli oil. You will also need ½ tsp. dirt from your yard or nearby area, ½ tsp. dried flower petals of any kind from near your home, and ½ tsp. dried crushed root from any tree in your vicinity.

Anoint a brown candle with the oil and then roll it in the dry materials. Put it in a holder and place it as near to the center of your home as possible.

Allow it to safely burn, anchoring you in the here and now. An alternative is to anoint 4 small chime candles and place them safely in the cardinal directions around where you are sitting. Spend some time relaxing within their glow, taking deep breaths and reconnecting to the earth.

Kate Freuler

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