Energy Amplifier Candle Dressing

This candle dresing recipe can be used to amplify the power of any spell or ritual. Based on a mixture of herbs with lively energy, it will stir up extra magical impact and speed the results of your working. The herbs are chosen for their associations with snappy, quick energy.

The key ingredient is ashes from a piece of paper bearing your name. Write your name on a small slip of paper and carefully burn it in a heatproof dish. Gather the ashes after they have cooled and include them in the dry ingredients.

For anointing, you will need 1 drop cinnamon oil. For dry ingredi ents, use ½ tsp. dried crushed ginger root, 3 saffron sprigs, 1 dried crushed snapdragon flower in your favorite color, 1 pinch powdered tarragon, and the ashes.

You can mix the dry ingredients ahead of time and keep them stored in a sealed jar in a cool, dark place. To keep their energy strong, consider adding a quartz crystal to the jar.

Kate Freuler

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