• Full Moon Ritual

    Full Moon Ritual

    You’ll Need The Ritual Cleanse your space and tools. Ground and center your energy. Light the candle. Watch as the dances, bobs, and spins on the wick. Feel the light of the flame flow into your body and your being. Notice what emotions rise to the surface. Hold space for anything that comes up and……

  • New Moon Cleansing Bath Ritual

    A cleansing New Moon bath, or shower, resets your energies for the coming lunar cycle and allows you to release any energies that no longer serve you. You’ll need: Find a quiet time during the New Moon phase when you can relax. Cleanse your space and ingredients. Get yourself into a magickal, joyful frame of……

  • New Year’s Ceremonies

    These are from Mary Katherine Spain. For further information about Mary Katherine and her work ninepillarshealing.com. SACRED FIRE: Fire cleanses us, purifies us. Incorporating fire into a New Year’s ritual is very powerful. Here are a few ideas: Write a letter to 2022 describing the 1) lessons you learned, 2) confessing the hard stuff, 3)……

  • Venus Rx

    Venus is all about love and abundance. When it goes backward, it’s about reevaluating and connecting to the past. It’s a good time to: Source: Yasmin Boland

  • Peppermint

    action, awaken, clarity, intelligence, the mind, stimulation

  • Yarrow

    awareness, banishing, calm, challenges, power, protection, success