Facsimile Assignment

Ludvig van Beethoven, Symphony No. 6, Op. 68, “Pastorale”

Facts about the piece:
seems to have been written in the space of a few months during the summer of 1808
Pastorale Symphony Sketchbook did not survive intact; originally 96 leaves, 59 of which are located in the British Library
29 leaves found in the miscellany of sketches known as Landsberg 10, preserved in the Berlin Staatsbibliothek
remainder are dispersed among several other libraries or can no longer be traced
three different paper types were used
1st movement
p. 23 facsimile – p. 7 score – fold where ‘bass’ melody was added
p. 24, 26 facsimile – sample of Beethoven’s scribbling; pencil and pen used
p. 44 facsimile, p. 14 score
2nd movement
p. 1 facsimile – tempo marking
p. 8 facsimile, p. 28 score
3rd movement
pages are numbered straight through from 2nd movement to end of piece
p. 34-37 – only one line written
4th movement
p. 41 facsimile – p. 56 score
5th movement
starts on p. 72 with clarinet solo
p. 80 facsimile, p. 69 score