Assembling Your Clarinet

This is first in a series of posts for beginner clarinetists.

When Putting your Clarinet Together:

  • Apply Cork Grease to each cork, mainly when the instrument gets ‘sticky’. Be sure no grease gets on the main body of the clarinet (wood and keys) – you can wipe it off with a towel.
  • Push & Twist: As you put each part together, gently but firmly push and twist.
  • Ligature First: Remember to put the ligature on first so you don’t chip those delicate reeds.
  • Always Have Extras: Reeds are very delicate and expensive. You can make them last longer by always placing the ligature before the reed, & ALWAYS have at least 2 or 3 extra reeds in your case.

When Taking your Clarinet Apart:

  • Gently but firmly pull & twist as you take the clarinet apart.
  • Reed First: The reed, since it is the most important piece and the most fragile, should always be placed on the instrument last and taken off first.

Special Notes:

  • Protect Your Reeds: Place your reeds back in its box or in reed cases. They should never be loose in your case.
  • ALWAYS Swab: This will keep moisture from ruining corks, pads, and that beautiful wood!

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