Bibliographies of Anthologies, Collections, and Monuments

Musica Britannica: A National Collection of Music. Anthony Lewis, gen. ed. London: Stainer and Bell, 1951-.


Each volume focuses on a particular composer, music style, or instrument
Contains complete scores and text for works listed

Accessibility of contents

Volumes 1 and 72:

Introduction: discussed the major work or composer of which the volume focuses, and the history; could include original performers and details about them (one particular volume listed original cast for an opera and how much they were paid per week); another volume listed the research the editor went through to create the volume.
Editorial Notes/Policy: changes that have been made during printing over the years
Textual Comments/Commentary: contains notes about each movement or section, interpretations of notations done by the composer, and ideas on possible alternative performance practices

Volume 1 only:

All information in English
Index and Concordances: list of musical pieces included in the volume and where to find them in other locations
Key to Manuscripts and Printed Editions

Volume 72 only:

Preface: contained information about the composer focused upon; was in English, French, and German
Sources Section: contained information about the original printing and any edits that were made
Notes on Performance
Select Bibliography
List of Sources and Their Abbreviations: locations of originals where information for this volume was found

Interesting aspects

Within the first few pages of the volumes, there is a list of all volumes printed as of the date of the volume. A list of volumes in production is found in newer publications.