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  • Year…. 12?

    Year…. 12?

    Just finished a day of clarinet (and 2 oboes) judging. It’s my favorite non-dayjob job. ❤️

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  • Seeking Equipment Recommendations

    Seeking Equipment Recommendations

    I am asking for equipment suggestions. I’m ok with my sound but feel like it could definitely be better. Being so far removed from the college scene, I feel I’ve…

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  • Cool thing I learned this week 🎶

    At its very essence, playing a wind instrument can be a form of self-care.

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  • Solo & Ensemble – Reflections

    January 20, 2022: I made a video about this! Also view it on: I love being a judge for solo & ensemble. As someone who is no longer immersed in…

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  • Why Play Clarinet?

    Dallas Tidwell was an inspiration. I think of him every time I get out my clarinet or step foot on UofL campus.

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  • Compare Yourself to You, Yesterday

    Hey there! I just want to take a moment to say thank you to Ashleigh Hardin for asking me to do an interview on her podcast, A.Typical. I was so…

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  • Cleartune

    I’m constantly forgetting my tuner at rehearsals. This has become a pain, because I leave it at home on my music stand, then rush out the door without checking. So,…

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  • Hand Position

    This post describes the best way to place your hands when playing clarinet. This is a great check-up for anyone who’s put the instrument down for a while, or if…

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  • How to Keep That Gig

    “One bad apple spoils the bunch.” We’ve all been in an environment where one person seemed to always be a naysayer. They’re either a hot-head, a know-it-all, or the passive-aggressive…

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